General Questions

How to install?

Every products comes with Installation Guide which is around 10 short steps. Follow them in order and the installation will be done in 5 minutes. However, before purchase you can always download one of our free products and test everything.

Which Metatrader do I need?

All of the products are written for Metatrader 4. Please keep your Metatrader 4 Platform up to date.

Do I receive the source code of the product?

In most cases only filename.ex4 (program file) is distributed. However, if you download one of our “Free Code” products, you will receive filename.mq4 which is the source code.

Windows or Mac OS?

All of our products are for Windows. You can always use them on Mac OS with Virtual Machine with Windows or just install fresh copy of windows through their Bootcamp.

What about discounts?

As you can see in the shop there is always some discounted items. However, if you want to purchase several items in a single order, please contact us and we can make special discount for you.


How is licensing performed?

Licensing is performed via the network. When you buy a product you should enter your brokerage account number in your account details. The product will check over a certain interval if the criterias are met. If the license check fails, you should restart your Metatrader 4 Terminal and try again. Also double check your brokerage account number.

How many accounts can I use with one purchase?

When you purchase a paid product you can use it on two accounts which you should register in “My Account” menu of our website. You can combine Real with Demo, 2 Real accounts or 2 Demo accounts.

Can I trade from a different computer?

Yes, as long as you are logged in with your registered brokerage account.


The product does not work in Strategy Tester

Please make sure you downloaded the history for tested currency pair:

  1. Navigate to Tools -> History Center (or use F2 shortcut)
  2. Find and click on desired currency pair, then click Download
  3. If the product is not running again, please restart your Metatrader Terminal
  4. If the problem persists, check the journal tab for errors

The product is not working

Please make sure that you allow Automated trading and DLLs are allowed.

  1. Navigate to Tools -> Options -> Expert Advisor
  2. Check “Allow automated trading”
  3. Check “Allow DLL imports”

I cannot find the product in Metatrader

Please refer to your Installation Instruction which is sent to you with the purchase.

Orders and Payment

How do I download my order?

You can download all of your orders in “My Account” as many times as you like. They will be there as soon as a purchase from our store is finished.

Accepted payment methods

Paypal is the only accepted method in our website.

Money back guarantee

All of our products comes with 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with a product, please contact us with your order number and account details and the refund will be issued in the next 30 days.

Can’t find your answer here? Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.